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Contract Mattresses

We have a long history supplying the trade with contract specification beds & mattresses.

All contract mattresses must comply with Crib 5 (Source 5) fire retardancy regulations

What is Crib 5 (source 5)?

Source 5, relates to furniture or furnishings, including beds and mattresses which have been tested to pass UK Fire Regulations 1988. The tests carried out do not make an item entirely fireproof, but means any potential fires are more likely to die out quickly and are less likely to spread if an item catches fire.

Source 5 compliant furniture and mattresses can result in countless lives saved should a fire ever occur.

Here is a selection of our most popular contract mattresses.

Please ask about quantity discounts


Government legislation dictates that it is an offence to use contract mattresses and contract beds that have not met BS7177 standards for commercial use. Failure to use a product that does not meet the minimum requirements could lead to prosecution in the event of a fire and invalidate your insurance.

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