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Memory Pocket Combination Mattresses

Memory Pocket 800

Prices from £299

Memory Pocket 1600

Prices from £599


Memory Pocket 1500

Memory Pocket 1000

Prices from £499

Prices from £399

Memory Pocket 1200

Prices from £449

Traditional Open Coil Non Sprung Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Memory Pocket

This category of mattress as the name suggests combines two types of potential support giving you the best of both worlds.  It is a particularly appealing option for those people who feel comfortable with traditional pocket springs but would like to experience the latest visco elastic sleep technology. Both pocket springs and memory foam are pressure relieving sleep systems so it stands to reason that they should be mutually reinforcing if combined together.  The mattresses we list are amongst some of the most popular we sell as they do offer a half way house between tradition and innovation.

Hypo-allergenic, offering a healthy hygienic way of sleeping free of dust mites and bed bugs


Anti-roll together: the combination of memory foam and pocket springs minimises sleep disturbance irrespective of partners weight difference


Sleepeezee 2000

Prices from £549


Memory Pocket 1850

Prices from £599

Memory Pocket 2650

Prices from £699

MemoryPocket1200Thumb MemoryPocket2650Thumb MemoryPocket1000Thumb MemoryPocket1850Thumb MemoryPocket1500Thumb

Memory 1000 Pocket

Prices from £299

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