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Neptune - Chunky solid oak shaker style bedstead. Available as a high foot end or low foot end. Complete with a solid slatted base. Detroit guest bed - Complete with 2 x high density foam mattresses in a choice of support Classic, minimalistic guest bed made from solid oak. Ideal space-saving bed. Underbed comes up to same height as top bed and houses 2 x 3'0 x 6'3 mattresses. Complete with sprung slatted base. Avalon - Stunning solid oak bed with 3 inch posts and beautifully curved ends. Complete with solid slatted base

Here you can see a small selection of the huge variety of contemporary and traditional beds we have on offer.  

For more details please click on the picture of the bed you are interested in for full details.


The Loft



Detroit Guest Bed

Atlantis - Unique contemporary metal bedstead in black nickel with beech slatted base The Loft - Rigid, sensibly priced modern tubular bedstead. Available in matt black with beech slatted base Athena - Stunning combination of polished chrome and black nickel complete with beech slatted base.

New England

Blenheim - A modern interpretation of the classic sleigh bed with beautiful sweeping curves in solid oak. Complete with solid slatted base.

Prices from £579

Prices from £169

Prices from £899

Prices from £449

Prices from £599

Prices from £1299

Prices from £299

Camelot Oak

Prices from £699


Prices from £699

Mahogany Sleigh

Prices from £1249

Camelot oak - A real wow factor bed, made from solid oak in a weathered rustic finish. Each post is 5" by 5" and this is without doubt the most solid, robust wooden bed we have ever stocked. Complete with a solid slatted base

Ottoman Bedstead

Ottoman bed - Our most popular space-saving bedstead allowing maximum storage capacity. Contemporary design with a low foot end, available in 3 faux leather colours: dark brown (as displayed), black or white. Complete with a beech slatted base and washable floor cover

Oak Sleigh

Prices from £799

Painted Shaker high foot end - Beautifully crafted shaker design made from painted pine with solid ash tops on the head and foot end. Elegantly tapered legs add a contemporary twist to the look. Available in ivory finish only (as shown).Complete with solid slatted base


Prices from £699

Painted Shaker

Prices from £499


Parisienne - Stylish, sophisticated bedstead inspired by 18th Century french designs. Crafted from a mixture of solid birch and birch veneers with rattan inserts and a gently distressed hand painted ivory finish.

Prices from £209

Oak Sleigh - Stunning french-style sleigh bed made from solid oak with curves that do not encroach into the room too far! Complete with solid slatted base
Oak Sleigh - Stunning french-style sleigh bed made from solid oak with curves that do not encroach into the room too far! Complete with solid slatted base Pisa – Sleek, contemporary oak bedstead with a low foot end. Our best value oak bed. Complete with a beech slatted base Fleur De Lys – Eye catching chunky traditional bedstead with charming fleur de lys emblem. Available in aged pine and vintage pine finishes. Complete with a solid slatted base.

Prices from £699

Fleur De Lys


Prices from £349

Regal – Wonderfully decadent upholstered sleigh bed with tufted headboard and sweeping scroll ends. Available in over 20 different fabrics. Complete with a beech slatted base.


Prices from £1199

New England - Beautiful farmhouse style pine bed with panelled head end and low foot end. Complete with a solid slatted base. Available in antique pine and distressed ivory finishes
Ivory day bed – simple victorian design day bed in ivory finish. Complete with a beech slatted base. Available complete with a choice of mattress. Optional extra includes underbed in matching colour, with beech slats and metal legs with castors

Ivory Day Bed

Prices from £349

Classic Sleigh

Prices from £399

Classic sleigh – A Classic Louis Philippe sleigh bed. Made from solid hardwood and veneers. Fantastic value lit bâteau. Available in black, cherry and white finishes

The Cathedral

Prices From £499

The Cathedral - Beautifully designed solid hardwood bedstead with a stylish, elegant head board. Available now with high foot end only Complete with beech slatted base


Prices from £299

Prices from £2199

Ash Sleigh

Prices from £599

Michigan Oak


Prices from £599

Painted Low Foot End


Prices from £599



Linen Upholstered Bed

Prices from £2099

Cane Bed

Prices from £1899

Chalk Upholstered Bed

Prices from £1999

Chalk Cane Bed

Prices from £1799

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Prices from £229


Prices from £649




Prices From £399


New Painted Low Foot End

Prices from £649

paintednewmodelthumb mahoganysleighthumbnew

The Classic


Prices from £599

Prices from £1199

Limed Oak Sleigh


White Painted Sleigh

Prices from £299


Reclaimed Sleigh

Prices from £999

Reclaimed Toulousse

Prices from £899

ReclaimedSleighThumb ReclaimedToulousseThumb

Prices from £799




Prices from £699



Prices from £599

JengaThumb DetroitThumb